Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Booster Gold #14

Here's a problem with Booster Gold. I hate time travel stories. They usually lead to ill-defined story rules, problems that have no drama because of the arbitrary nature of those rules, and a lack of a coherent story. I've been pleasantly surprised with Booster Gold until Geoff Johns left the title. Chuck Dixon messed things up a bit with his confusing story, but the title has really gone off the rails now. Rick Remender's story doesn't really have a narrative that I can follow at all. Basically, Booster is bouncing around in time with the Chronos twins, Skeets is appearing and disappearing out of the story at random, and I'm not even sure how the whole Starro thing got started. Did Super Nova find him at random? Did Chronos bring him in to Rip Hunter's HQ? I just don't understand what happened in the story. I guess the scary repercussion of the fill-in arc is that Chronos has information he stole from Rip Hunter, but I don't understand why we had to jump through all these confusing hoops to get to that point. Basically, this story is a mess. I'm worried that this title can't survive 4 or 5 bad issues in a row, I hope Dan Jurgens clears things up next month.

Pat Oliffe's pencils always have a classic look, and he brings that in again here, but man, I don't understand the story he's trying to tell us. I blame the script more than the pencils though. Remender seems like a nice guy when I've met him at conventions, but I haven't really cared for his mainstream DC work so far.


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