Saturday, December 13, 2008

Punisher MAX X-Mas Special #1

Let me give a very simple version of the plot.

3 wise hitmen from the East are trying to kill a mob baby, who is hiding in a racetrack stable. A hooker nicknamed "angel" tells her pimp, Shepherd, where to find them. Punisher is delivering the baby, and the wise men, the shepherd, and the actual parents are all criminals. Guess how this book ends? I will confess, the fate of the delivery-room babies does upset me a bit, but man, Punisher makes sure everyone involved gets what they deserve. Everyone!

Man, Jason Aaron is fantastic. He's written some great stuff in the past few months, and he's become one of my favorite writers this fast. I can't wait to check out his new Wolverine book.

Roland Boschi's art is on the muddy side. The world is a grimy, corrupt place even on Christmas. But he does a great job with the blood splatters and the headshots. His work reminds me a bit of Goran Parlov in a good way. The book had a real Punisher-feel to it because of that similarity. Really, it isn't that hard to make me love the Punisher.


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