Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Deadpool #4

Let's face it, this book was up against some stiff competition. Cable & Deadpool was one of my favorite comics, and this one just isn't as good. I like the Deadpool character, but I'm not sure I like Daniel Way's take with Wade hearing multiple voices all the time. It would be hard to judge the series based on the first three issues that tied into Secret Invasion, which were harmless. Now that we're into an actual Deadpool story, it seems we're going to get a comedy-action book. I tend to think those work better as buddy stories (like with Cable perhaps?) This issue has Wade traveling to Europe to kill a zombie doctor and his plastic surgery subjects/zombies. He is assisted by a hunchback and works out of a spooky old castle. DP seems to be fairly dumb throughout, he is captured by the local cops and has to be rescued by other mercs, and then drinks a "bottled water" labeled "Poison." We're talking broad comedy here folks. The idea of plastic surgery leading to undead zombies is original, but nothing about it thrilled me.

Paco Medina's art is serviceable. He's not a spectacular artist, so actually, he's probably a perfect fit for this book.


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