Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ms. Marvel #33

This should not be a hard comic to write. Ms. Marvel is the premiere woman-hero of the Marvel U and leader of the Avengers. She should be out smashing super-villains and doing Avenger-y things. Yet we are now at our second issue that is telling her story as a spy. I have no interest in this at all. The biggest problem is the book is really feeling like a poor copy of GL from DC. Carol Danvers should be doing her own thing, but I'm feeling like I've seen this all before, done better. Brian Reed has written stories I've liked for Ms. M. His MODOK story, the Civil War tie ins, even his Rogue arc were ok, but I feel he's missing the mark on this. He's introduced two new indistinguishable secret agent dudes in flashback (taking up most of the book). At the end of this issue, it seems everyone who is supposed to be dead in their spy circle is alive, and Harry Osbourne is to blame, so we're off into Dark Reign territory. How about a DR crossover with Ms. Marvel fighting some super villains? I just feel the lead is horribly miscast in this title.

Adriana Melo is a bit of a cheesecake style artist, I know I last saw his/her work on Birds of Prey. I'd like to see Ms. Marvel in costume a bit too. I want to like this comic. I want to collect it regularly. But I can't.


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