Tuesday, December 16, 2008

True Believers #1-5

Carey Bates wrote a lot of stories in the past, but he really brought this one up to the present in a fun way. The story featured weaponized wi-fi AND blogs described as a WMD, that's a topical series! This series followed Payback and her True Believer "truthers" as they uncovered the seedy side of the Marvel U, often coming up against established folks like Iron Man, SHIELD, and Mr. Fantastic. The series had some nice variety in the antagonists, when the TBs were exposing Mr. Fantastic, they actually turned around to help him clear himself of drunk driving. As Payback sought out her father's killer, the blame went from Hydra to SHIELD and finally ended up with someone she knew. The series did feature more of the "Stark is a facist" stuff that is so prevalent in Marvel (at least for now), but at least he seemed to be a well-meaning one most of the time. The series wraps up with he and Payback establishing some kind of relationship or truce, which was nice to see. I do think the rest of the cast will never be seen again. I can't remember their names and their powers were pretty generic. Only Payback with her electric-symbiote channeling her dead father is a truly unique addition to the Marvel U.

Paul Gulacy handles the art on every issue, and you should know already if you like him or not. Everyone has big eyes, the women have pointy chests, and everyone looks vaguely surprised. That said, his storytelling is solid, so I actually kind of like his art. I'd say this series is worth a value trade or a dollar bin purchase if you enjoy the periphery of the Marvel U. This feels like The Hood or that level of story, I'm sure someone will bring back these characters someday.


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