Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Captain Britain & MI13 #7

I love this comic. I love how writer Paul Cornell is able to make it feel more "British" than Excalibur ever did. Captain Midlands does a lot of that himself, but the now-likeable Pete Wisdom is great too. Brit characters Blade and Spitfire get to spar some more, with Blade finally respecting "Lady J." I do hope her skeleton hand goes back to normal though, that is one weird deformity. Black Knight is getting some good development too. This issue features him fighting off the rage-inducing effects of the ebony blade, only to have Wisdom yell out at the end "That's not the ebony blade!" So Cornell is going to finally resolve the confusion with Black Panther carrying around the blade too, it seems. I'm thinking Black Knight's "rages" are going to be his own doing, not influened by the blade. That could be a neat development for one of my all-time faves to have to deal with, and it seems he will have Faiza around to help him deal with it. Their relationship is a fascinating one too, a knight who fought in the Crusades possibly getting in a relationship with a Muslim hero. Neat stuff. I wasn't as engrossed in the Cap Britain part of the plot as he imagines a life reunited with Meggan. I always wanted to like Cap more than I did, and I think his 80s era suit is his best, I'm not liking his modern look as much. Captain Britain may headline the book, but I think the title is carried on the rest of the cast. "Yer can't stop Captain Midlands!"

Leonard Kirk returns to pencil this issue, and it's nice to have him back. He's got the characters all down, and his Meggan looks fantastic. I don't care for Black Knight's bulbous helmet or jeans, but maybe he'll get back in his armor at some point. Blade looks great, this could finally be the time the great character from the movies gets similar treatment in the comics.


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