Monday, December 22, 2008

Final Crisis: Revelations #4

Ugh, who cares? Vandal Savage is ruined by making him "Cain" with a totally extreme glowing tattoo on his face, the new Spectre spends the issue lying around, and the new angel of Mercy is the worst kind of character, the stand around and "can't act" kind. I usually like Huntress, but when she shows up here, I can't really care too much, since she doesn't do much besides act like she's Catholic. I'm also unclear on the anti-life equation that Spectre recites. Is he responsible for "evil winning" in the main book? I thought the whole world was already taken over (there are hordes of anti-life guys outside the church after all), and yet things got worse (I think) in this issue. I just don't see how this relates to the main title, and with no characters I'm crazy about, I don't much care.

Philip Tan's art is serviceable. But that redesign of Vandal Savage is AWFUL, so if he's responsible for that, he loses points big time. Since I hate the character redesign AND I'm confused by the story, this is not getting a great rating. Seriously, look at that cover! That's Vandal Savage! Terrible.


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