Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gigantic #1

Rick Remender's best work seems to be on these independent books. While I didn't care for his Booster Gold, I did enjoy Fear Agent, and his first few issues of The End League were entertaining before I lost interest due to delays. Here we are again with an independent book with a neat hook. The book opens as we learn the Earth is a stage set up by aliens, and humans are bio-engineered to provide entertainment for the universe. We're tribal, warlike, competitive, and stuck in an environment of all manner of threats. It's a fun idea, and the story really takes off when a giant robot (seemingly piloted by an Earthling?) shows up in San Francisco. He spends a few minutes stomping civilians and fighting alien handlers. They are all talking show-business while they destroy all these lives, but that conflict is clear in the robot's dialog. It's an original approach to the giant monster story, and it is certainly entertaining.

I don't recognize Eric Nguyen's name as the penciller, but his work is ok. It might be scanned straight from pencils, it has that soft feel. It seems like the creative team is having fun with this one. I think I'll probably pick up the rest of the issues at conventions this summer. It's almost worth just planning on the trade, I may do that depending on the price.


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