Friday, December 5, 2008

Dark Reign Solicits

There's a ton of Dark Reign material hitting the web, and I'm here to help you sort through it with what you really want to know.

Here's the ones I'm buying.

  • Mighty Avengers - written by Dan Slott with Khoi Pham on art will feature Iron Man, Hulk, Hank Pym, Jocasta, Hercules, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Stature. I predict this book will be awesome.
  • New Avengers - written by Brian Michael Bendis with Billy Tan on art will feature Winter Cap, Spidey, Wolverine, Ronin, Spider-Woman, and Ms. Marvel. That's a pretty good lineup, maybe we'll get Mockingbird too. I think this book actually has some potential, I'm buying it.
  • War Machine - written by Greg Pak with Leonardo Manco on art. The creative team says it all, plus he fights Ares in issue 3!
  • Avengers: The Initiative - written by Christos Gage with Humberto Ramos on art (at least to start). I don't know what's going on after the first story, but they fight Clor, so I have high hopes! I'm sure this will be excellent.
  • Thunderbolts - written by Andy Diggle with Roberto De La Torre on art, this will feature Black Widow II, The Ghost, and a host of bad ass looking characters doing something. I don't know much, but I know I'll collect it.
  • Agents of Atlas - written by Jeff Parker with art by Carlo Pagulayan, I'll be getting this in trade, just like the last Agents series. I'm hoping Parker can still do his own thing and not get too bogged down in the overall Marvel U.
  • Dark Avengers - written by Brian Michael Bendis with Mike Deodato on art, this seems to be Norman Osbourne's evil Avengers lineup. We've got a lot of mystery players, here's my take on who they are: Iron Patriot (Osbourne), Ms. Marvel (Moonstone), Wolverine (Daken), Spider-Man (Venom), Ares and Sentry. I love those two powerhouses being added to the team. If this is 2.99 an issue, I'll collect it.

I'll be passing on:
  • Deadpool - written by Daniel Way with Paco Medina on art, even with Bob, Agent of Hydra returning, I just can't do it. Way writes Origins...
  • Wolverine Origins - written by Daniel Way with Doug Braithwaite on art. Not a Way fan, sorry.
  • Ms. Marvel - written by Brian Reed with various artists, Carol will be out to get the CIA. I'll be passing because while Reed seems to have decent high concepts, I usually don't like his execution.
  • Secret Warriors - written by Jonathan Hickman w/ Bendis with Stefano Caselli on art. I'm passing because I think this will be 3.99, and I actually don't really like the real jerk Fury has turned into. I may be convinced to buy it by a 2.99 price tag and fantastic reviews.
  • Black Panther - written by Reggie Hudlin with Ken Lashley on art. Well, a female Black Panther would keep me away. As would Reggie Hudlin's writing. Lashley is decent but not great. I have many reasons to skip this.
  • Punisher - written by Rick Remender with Jerome Opena on art. I haven't loved Remender's work, and while I like the concept of Punisher trying to take out Osbourne's administration, I just don't care for the Punisher in the whole super-hero context.
So the final tally is
  • Monthlies: 5, maybe 6 (if Dark Avengers is 2.99)
  • Trades: 1
  • Skips: 6

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