Monday, December 15, 2008

Secret Six #4

I've always had a soft spot for Bane. I really became a DC fan in the 90s, so I was riveted when Bane broke Batman's back. I loved the one-shots that Chuck Dixon spent developing him, and I liked the Scott Beatty story in Gotham Knights where he could be Bruce Wayne's 1/2 brother. Long story short, I'm LOVING how Gail Simone is writing Bane. He's creepy and awkward yet trying to be honorable, just as he should be. Man. "You may have one ice cream, Scandal Savage. One." That's just great. I'm really hoping things don't end badly for Bane next issue, there is just too much story potential for him now.

Tarantula has been pretty cool too. In fact, I'm shocked to say I think the character interesting me the least these days is my old favorite Deadshot. He's still well written, but he's being outshone by all the great characterization around him. I can't remember the name of the new ally of the six, but she seems to be supplying some super-strength. She rips off King Shark's arm, which I think is a bit of a recurring thing for him at this point. The villain horde is looking pretty tough to beat, especially with Junior himself and the surprise returning character we get at the end. Junior's attempt at a confession was great, I found myself wondering if he was really going to try to repent for a moment, then realized he couldn't, or if this is a regular thing for him. Good stuff.

Nicola Scott just nails this book. This was a mostly talking issue, but the confusion on Scandal's face as she tries to puzzle out and later handle Bane was hilarious.

Excellent (but worried for Bane!)

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