Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Walking Dead #56

What a fantastic issue. After a string of merely solid books, Kirkman delivers another excellent issue of his post-apocalyptic zombie drama. We get a great confrontation between the leaders of the two old factions, as Rick and Abraham have yet another confrontation. The lines are clearly drawn between the two, they don't like each other. Abraham promises that if Rick ever pulls a gun on him again, he'll kill him. Rick replies that if he pulls a gun on him again, he won't hesitate to blow Abraham's brains out. The new tension runs throughout the issue, peaking when Abraham saves Rick from a roaming zombie. But we learn that Abraham has rage issues, and now that Rick has confronted him, Abraham is in danger of losing control. Abraham isn't sure if he followed Rick to kill him! Abraham is a tremendously interesting character since he doesn't want to lose control and kill Rick, he's horrified that he will. He isn't just a villain, since he's struggling with his dark side and uncontrollable rage. I'm loving the new relationships and drama of the book right now. It's back firing on all cylinders. The book is best when we've got human threats going with the zombie one, and we've got that again now.

Charlie Adlard's art is just the same as it always is, solid. The cast is looking more diverse now, which helps differentiate his characters more. The man draws good exploding brains too!


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