Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mighty Avengers #20

When you release 8 pages of a comic online, don't fill the other 16 with splash pages. I suppose a few of those 16 were normal, but too many were just splash pages showing how Ms. Marvel is catching Hank Pym up on what he's missed (which is a lot!) I really didn't feel like I got my money's worth here. It is interesting that Hank Pym seems to be anti-reg (definitely anti-Tony). When he screams at Tony at the Wasp's funeral, man, it can't get any worse for Iron Man, can it? I did like Thor flying off with Hank, they've known each other a long time and are founding Avengers after all. Clint Barton going after Norman Osbourne was pretty great. If Clint is gonna be Hawkeye again, he may find his way back into my top 5 heroes list. I love the set up for Dark Avengers and New Avengers, but I'm afraid the 3.99 price tag means I will probably buy the eventual trades rather than monthlies.

Khoi Pham's (he's solicited, but it didn't look like him. Pagulayan?) artwork looked more defined than his SI tie-ins, so it seems when he has time his art will be nice and clear. His panel of Osbourne's smirking face while he gloats in Avengers Tower was particularly good.



Anonymous said...

mighty is only 2.99 pricetag

Timbotron said...

Right, but Dark and New will be 3.99. I'm sticking with Mighty since they're holding that 2.99 price.