Monday, December 22, 2008

Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes #2

What was the point of this? I guess we see the repercussions if the X-Men screw up their missions. The first story tells the story of Cyclops offing himself for his failing to stop an invasion of Sentinels through the Ghost Boxes. Ummmm... OK? The art makes this one pretty darn hard to follow. Clayton Crain is not a great storyteller, and I could barely tell what was happening. There are references to "ghosts" in the mansion, and I couldn't even tell which characters were ghosts and which were living characters. I could barely follow this.

The second story is better and more shocking. It basically reads like an 8-page version of Cormac McCarthy's The Road, and since I like post-apocalyptic stories as much as the next guy, it was decent. I'm not sure what the problem was that caused the end of the world, I assume it was meant to be ambiguous. Kaare Andrews draws this story, and the atmosphere is pretty strong throughout. I did like the use of Armor as the narrator. It was an interesting twist seeing Wolvie in a position of weakness rather than as the bad ass.

I didn't bother with the script pages, so this was a 3.99 book with 16 pages of story. Great value there... UGH. If you want to read a "What If" where the current writer tells you what happens if the heroes lose in his main title, then pick this up.

Average (Poor for the price)

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