Tuesday, December 16, 2008

X-Infernus #1

This comic is an acceptable exercise in mining good past stories to bring us an average new story. CB Cebulski has never written anything I've loved, but he does his research. He's got some nice ties to old Darkchylde stories, Sym and N'Astrich working with Magik was a nice touch. I like Pixie as a modern version of Magik too, with her innocence at risk (speaking of which, she looks VERY different here than she did in the FCBD special!) Nightcrawler deserves better than to be punked out like he is here, but I understand it isn't his story. Colossus needs a bigger part though, joining in the line of folks smashing Cyclops' desk isn't important enough in a story dedicated to saving his sister, but there is time to fix that. The new villain Witchfire has an interesting personality, I never get tired of rookie villains thinking they deserve a spot at the grown-ups table (with Mephisto, Blackheart, Hela, Dormammu, and more), but wasn't Witchfire a sorceress from Power Company? Doesn't DC have that name copyrighted?

Giusseppe Camuncoli draws the first issue, and I've always liked his style. He does big-jawed super-heroics, so that part of the story he handles well. His Magik is nowhere near as hot as the David Finch one on the cover, but I suppose that's to be expected. If you are a big X-Men or Magik fan, and want quantity over quality, this series is fine. But as I'm reading Brubaker and Carey's X-books, this just feels like filler.


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