Thursday, December 11, 2008

Batman #682

I'm sick so I'm making this one short. It seems Batman 681 wasn't really the end of RIP after all, as we get Batman showing up being mind-copied by Simyan and Mokkari from Final Crisis. It just confuses me more, I don't understand how RIP could get all that hype if the real story is going to play out in Final Crisis?

This issue shows us Batman's thoughts as he remembers his old days as a crimefighter. It is kind of fun seeing fun-Robin again, and Alfred is well written throughout. I don't have any clue what is going on with Batwoman though. I thought she was retconned away? I suppose I'm ok with her being brought back though, and with the incorporation of the wacky 60s adventures back into canon.

Lee Garbett pencils this issue, and he's very close to Tony Daniel in style. I guess I see why DC wanted a similar artist, but I would have thought they'd go with a bigger name. Oh, and Alex Ross' cover is pretty darn garish, huh?


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