Monday, December 1, 2008

Punisher MAX #64

Now that Garth Ennis' hand isn't guiding the Punisher franchise, something is missing. The cursing feels more forced, the bad guys seem more artificial, and Frank doesn't feel like himself. The story is fine, and as a action-movie plot, I'd have no issue with this story. For a Punisher story, something is just ringing hollow. I'm not sure where the difference in tone is exactly hitting, since Ennis had Frank handle all sorts of bad guys, often in foreign lands, but this is off. Perhaps after years and years, I just associate the Punisher with Ennis' interpretation. This story feels like it has gone on too long. I can't tell any of the bad guys apart. I think using Jigsaw in this kind of role weakens him as a recurring villain for the Punisher. What was the strongest part of this story, Frank's interactions with the townspeople, is still here, there's just a lot less of it.

The art is fine, but a little on the muddled side. I did like the bits with the shark in the swimming pool though. The scene of Frank walking way from a bloody hot tub with a shark in the nearby pool was nice and chilling (yet again, it had an action movie feel).


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