Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Flash #246

This issue moves away from most of the positives of the previous few issues, and really gets into the melancholy of the greater DCU. Linda West has been stung by Queen Bee's new bee-man flunky, and now she lies in JLA HQ near death. Wally brings the kids to stay with her, and they hang out with Lian, Arsenal's daughter. Wally races around trying to find a way to save her, and spends a lot of time rehashing the greatest hits of the last series of the Flash. I thought it appropriate that Arsenal continued his history as a moron, as he allows the Queen Bee to kidnap the West kids while he is supposed to be watching them. The guy is useless!

The issue ends with Wally reaching out to the silly new goateed Spectre, asking for him to save Linda. The Spectre promises it is Linda's time to die, but I don't believe it. I can't imagine that in this age of depressing comics, the powers that be at DC really think it is the right move to kill the Flash's wife. But what do I know. Alan Burnett's story is pretty by the numbers, but it is too long. This should have wrapped up an issue or two ago. With only one issue to go, this era of the Flash is ending with a whimper.

Carlo Barberi's art is fine, but not good enough to raise the quality of the issue.


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