Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Invincible Iron Man

Huh. You'd think a comic featuring Iron Man and Spider-Man vs. the Terrible Tinkerer and Big Wheel would feel more... fun. This issue was a downer. I know it was supposed to be, Fraction wants us to see how Stark is suffering as he tries to make the world a better place, but man, what a bummer. Putting Stark up against Spidey kind of made Peter Parker look like a shallow guy too. He spends the issue laughing off Stark's talk of responsibility, then when Stark is kind of overcome at the end, he snaps a picture to put up on the Frontline web-page. Peter Parker is a vulture! I think my favorite part is Stark ribbing Parker for leaving Stark Enterprises to go be a photographer again. "Great career move there, guy." Heh. No mention of the stupidity of One More Day or any of that stuff, thank goodness, that story made everyone involved look like an idiot.

Salvador La Rocca's work used to be a lot more dynamic before he got all photo-realistic. He's still good, but I'm thinking the reason those fights didn't feel fun was his art. I wonder what it would look like if a classic Iron Man artist like Sean Chen drew it, or even if a classic Marvel guy like Ron Frenz handled it. I bet it would have been fun...


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