Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns #1

The whole thing just feels kind of silly. I mean, we are really going to have an army for every color of the rainbow, each with their own rings? And these aren't old groups, they are all inspired by the GLs, it seems. The whole thing just seems kind of inherently silly. Another problem is the typical gore we expect from every story from DC these days. Since the Red Lanterns are the new foes, they succeed in slaughtering some other ring-slingers. The Sinestro corps pastes a few GLs too. I'm just getting tired of the constant deaths in the corps. Between this and GLC, I'd never want to be a GL these days, the death rate has got to be through the roof. The one development I'm intrigued by is that the Controllers (former founders of the Darkstars) seem like they're going to be the Guardian-type for the orange corps, that could be pretty neat. Atrocitus has a silly name and doesn't interest me as the leader of the Red Lanterns. Their whole vomit-blood power is pretty silly and over the top. I find the whole concept pretty laughable.

Shane Davis' art is really nice. He does good work, I was impressed with his Mystery in Space work a few weeks ago, and he brings that level of detail to this special, and everything looks good. Without a doubt though, the high point of the book is the hissing rage-cat. It's weird, this issue is competently done, but with all the death and dismemberment, I just feel like I've seen it before.


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