Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Avengers #47

When Bendis sticks to what he does well, he does it... well. That could have come out better. In any case, he returns to familiar ground with Michael Gaydos on art to tell a lost story of how Luke Cage fell in love with Jessica Jones. Unlike the "bonus" stories of Secret Invasion, this fills in unnecessary blanks while adding to both characters. Bendis does well with these personal stories when they concern his pet characters like Jones and Cage. I liked the feel of them as a couple too, some nice bantering mixed in with true parental concern. The issue ends with the two of them panicked about Skrull-Jarvis absconding with their baby. The panic in both characters' faces is drawn extremely well by Billy Tan. If New Avengers' first plot is the two of them roping in friends to hunt down their child, count me in.

Both Tan and Gaydos do a good job on the issue, but Tan's style is a little more my speed. He does a great job drawing Ms. Marvel in a few cameo shots too, so I'm hopeful about his work when he takes over the book for Dark Reign.


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