Saturday, December 6, 2008

She-Hulk #35

Too bad that Peter David really got into his groove on this title so late. This story has been a fun one. She-Hulk and the Lady Liberators (Sue Storm, Thundra, Valkrie, and Jazinda) have travelled to an earthquake-ravaged country where the corrupt government won't hand out relief supplies. The heroines plan to distribute aid themselves until the Soviet Winter Guard arrive. We have the same Winter Guard as in War Machine (Red Guardian, Ursa Major, a new Darkstar, and Crimson Dynamo. No word on the others.) Just like in War Machine, after a few pages of beatdowns, the Guard changes sides and starts assisting She-Hulk in helping the ravaged population. The narration gets a bit heavy handed at times, and that slows down the issue a bit. I've never really taken to David's mopey She-Hulk, and we still have too much of it here. I've read how he was trying to make her work through her problems, but I just don't think the character is as fun when she's complaining and struggling to rationalize her every move. I enjoyed the super-brawling of this issue, but it could move faster. I think the inclusion of the other heroes is genius, She-Hulk comes close to her old fun-levels when interacting with these other characters, especially Thundra.

The story is solid, and better than the last few stories, but still not quite what I look for in a She-Hulk comic. (My perfect She-Hulk comic would be like the tiny prison story that Slott and Pelletier did at the end of their first volume. Super-bads and fun She-Hulk kicking butt.)

GG Studios handles the art again this issue, but last issue's penciller, Vincenzo Cucca is credited as an inker this time. A few panels really stick out that he spent a lot of time on, as the characters look the same as last month, but some the pages look a little less detailed. It seems Cucca likes Valkrie, as she usually is one of the most rendered characters every time she appears. In general, the art is a bit uneven in this one.


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