Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Immortal Iron Fist #15-20

There is actually potential here. I collected Fraction's run on this title in trade, and I've loved what I've read so far. Since then, I decided to give the new creators a chance. The story has been about a strange dragon-man from the 8th capital city of heaven who kills Iron Fists. Immediatley after they die, the dragon of K'un-Lun is vulnerable in its egg form, and this evil dude eats the egg. The story is that every Iron Fist before Orson Randall died at 33, and now it's Danny Rand's turn. He gets his butt kicked for much of the story, to the point he actually has to call in help from Power Man, the Daughters of the Dragon, and even the other immortal weapons. They all team up on Ch'in Lin, the evil dragon-dude, and don't have that much success. Iron Fist eventually triumphs by relying on only the fighting skills he had as an 8-year old, BEFORE he got his training and mastered the chi of the Iron Fist. I was impressed with that resolution, it was a real creative way to beat a villain who had gotten a LOT of build up. Swiryzinski is actually getting better as he goes along, I think. He is spending a lot more time on the relationship between Misty Knight and Danny Rand too, which is interesting. They are an interesting couple, but I kind of get the impression Misty is more into Danny than he is into her, but maybe that's just me.

Travel Foreman's pencils are fine, but the flashbacks by Russ Heath were superb. I'm loving that even with this new team, the title remains as much about the history of the Iron Fist as it always has. The book is decent, and well worth grabbing from a dollar bin or as a discounted trade.


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