Friday, December 5, 2008

Nova #19

DnA keep writing comics just for me. I knew from the opening scene where the new Nova corps went after the freaking Serpent Society that I'd be pleased. Sure, I would have liked them to be a little tougher, but man, it was great just seeing them used! I do wonder at Black Mamba's appearance since I thought she had been working with the B.A.D. Girls and sort of turning good. In any case, the new Nova Corps gets some exposure this issue, and while none of them really stick out for me yet except, they do have some neat backgrounds. The young female dragon (Fin Fang Foom's cousin!) is probably the neatest idea in there. That's just fun! Darkhawk gets some more time to mope and compare himself to Nova, and he finds an envy-buddy in Richard's brother. It would be hard to measure up against a cosmic hero brother! I love the cliffhanger with an even more expanded corps. Is that the whole staff of Project Pegasus turned into heroes? Fun! I will also point out I can't wait for Dr. Necker to actually invent Death's Head. You know she's going to!

Wellington Alves' art is solid. He's no Paul Pelletier, but who is? He does a good job on Darkhawk especially, he looks pretty cool here. Just look at that list. Project Pegasus, Sepent Society, Darkhawk, Death's Head, Fin Fang Foom, add in Quasar and Director Gruenwald, and man, this is my perfect comic.


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