Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What If? House of M

What if Wanda said "No more powers?" I'll tell you what, the story would be bad. The dialog in this was really bad. It was generic villain speak for most of it, numerous characters talking out of character, and a quick run down of killing characters. With a concept like no more powers, you could really have some neat stuff with the vigilante and tech-characters doing cool stuff in the Marvel U, instead this book climaxes with awful looking Iron Man suits on previously powered characters. This book totally missed the mark. As I was skipping over the last pages, I wondered, who wrote this? It was Brian Reed, the guy who does Ms. Marvel. As I've said before, he can come up with a high concept, but his actual execution is not my speed at all.

Paulo Pantalena handles the art. I know What Ifs are usually the first work for pencillers, and it shows here. This was not a good looking comic. Heads are too big, faces look odd, and man, just bad. Avoid this book. Don't get me started on the backup as the Runaways become the New Avengers. I couldn't even make myself read it.


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