Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks TPB

I've been waiting for this from my local library for months, so when I picked it up on Saturday, I read it immediately. And I won't say I was disappointed, it was exactly what I expected, but man, this is a fast read.

I don't think Max Brooks planned this as a graphic novel. He basically lays out 2 or three paragraph long situations, usually with very little dialogue or script. He sets the location and players, then describes how the situation was impacted by the undead. Again, exactly what you'd expect, but since each story runs about 8 pages or so, there isn't much time to get connected to any of the characters. In fact, I would be hard pressed to say they even are characters, everyone is either a zombie or zombie-food. It's fun reading about the zombies, but with no emotional connection the stories tend to get a bit repetitive.

Ibraim Roberson's art handles the gore and decay nicely. The humans involved often look heroic and cool too, even sporting minor bites and tears. There are always decent details for the discerning zombie fan to foreshadow characters' fates.



Anonymous said...

I read this at Gamer's house, it was ok. He was annoyed at the "civilized man bad" theme. There were a few native boob shots in it, but when you saw the white girl on the table at the end, hers were block by shadows, curious.


Timbotron said...

I noticed that also, that some nudity was allowed, but in other shots it must have been deemed "inappropriate." Very questionable, I thought.

The civilized man bad thing held true for most of it, but not the Romans, which made me laugh. They just made a military maneuver to cover zombies!