Friday, March 26, 2010

Kid Reviews: Tiny Titans #26

I like that girl Martian thinks that guy is a dolly. I like it that every time he has someone grabbing on to him, he pushes a button. Kroc wants to be the dolly. Kroc raised his hand to be the dolly. Miss Martian's hair is really super red. Miss Martian liked the dolly more than Beast Boy when he was a puppy.

Why is Cyborg on the cover if he's not green. He wasn't in the comic very much. Kid Flash was only in the comic once.

I like Speedy's green suit and I like that Superboy was in it. I thought their milkshakes were water.

Everything green is flying out of Gizmo's backpack.

This was good. This was a little bit as good as the other Tiny Titans and it was a little bit not as good.

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