Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mighty Avengers #34

What a great intro. Thor gets a panicked message from Loki that he's suffering horrible torture. " Their cruelty knows no bounds... Save me, brother... save me from the Mighty Avengers!"

We're then treated to a great explanation of that confrontation. This issue has Hercules fighting trolls, Pym insulting his teammates yet again, and Quicksilver gets so mad his tantrum starts generating wind shear. Neat stuff. I am a bit bummed that this whole storyline seems to be set up to dismantle the Mighty Avengers, but contrary to what Jarvis says this issue, I'm not sure this roster ranks up there with the best in the team's history.

I kind of like this Neil Edwards' pencils. His faces have really strong expressions and the emotions come through quite clearly. He's got some perspective problems, Thor's height sort of morphs around a bit. I also thought the colors were a bit bland, there is a lot of grey and white in the backgrounds.


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