Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thor #608

It's too bad that an event called Siege of Asgard has reduced the parent title to an unnecessary filler book. I like Kieron Gillen and I enjoy his take on the Asgardians, but this book is really not necessary. The book is split between Volstagg taking on Ragnarok (or Clor, as he might be better known) and the two of them have a nice little scuffle knocking each other around the desert. It's fine, but man, I'd rather see Thor fight Ragnarok, you know? The rest of the issue has Asgardian god-of-war Tyr moping that he is prophesized to die in the current battle. He finally gets his mojo back when he thinks that the prophecy actually meant Ares' death (in the main Siege series) but he may have gotten a bit ahead of himself. The shocking thing about that whole storyline is the sheer power-level the Hood seems to be in now. Between his actions here and in Avengers: The Initiative, he's powering up an army of thugs AND holding his own against gods. The guy is clearly major league.

The art is actually kind of uneven, which makes sense since three artists worked on this. I think I like newcomer Rich Elson's work the best, his soft style makes the Asgardians have an extra sense of grandeur, rather than looking like medieval super-heroes.


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