Monday, March 29, 2010

Mighty Avengers #35

Oh man, I hope this is going where I think it is. Dan Slott does a lot of cool things this issue. He forces Pym to face down his greatest mistake, Ultron, but this isn't the same old Hank Pym. Pym is confident and even a bit smug in his dealings with his robotic "son." There is even more uncomfortableness with Jocasta too, as Pym is giving her human-like arms and legs. I was certain he was rebuilding his dead wife in the robot's body, but after that cool final page, I'm not so sure. I really think Dan Slott might bring back the Wasp in his last issue of Mighty Avengers. So why is the Avengers Infinite Mansion built of Wasp's memories of the team (you know that's what Pym was about to say.)

Speaking of Jocasta, I love the idea that her billions of bodies are now corrupted into the "brides of Ultron." It gives him a scary, powerful army that has even more ties to the inventing skills of Hank Pym. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Slott wraps up this story. Only a handful of heroes stuck in the Underspace facing down a ton of evil robots. Cool.

Khoi Pham's art looks pretty good, he had time to work on this one, it seems. As good as the interiors are, that cover is amazing. It is almost unrecognizable as his art, I think the inkers must have really tightened it up, and the colors really make it work too. Even with that help though, the facial expressions on Pym, Jocasta, and Jarvis are top-notch.


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