Friday, March 5, 2010

Tales of the Green Lantern Corps TPB

I picked this up because it is the first appearance of Blackest Night big-bad Nekron. It's a pretty good story on its own, but I definitely think there is an extra punch to the story because of the current goings-on.

According to Mike W. Barr and Len Wein, when an immortal dies, it opens a portal to a limbo-like dimension of the undecided dead lead by a creepy ghoul called Nekron. Nekron is a big, white, moldering looking fellow with horrific red eyeballs rattling around in his skull. He became aware of the DCU when Krona, the evil Guardian, pierced the veil dividing Nekron's dimension from the regular world. This trade collects the story of Nekron's army of the dead (led by Krona) as it battles all 3,600 members of the Green Lantern Corps. I really liked the focus given to a few of the lanterns in this. Tomar Re and a couple other folks I didn't recognize appear as the Honor Lanterns, the current tile for Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner. I do love seeing that these ideas have a history in the mythos. I wonder if we'll see someone get the red robe that symbolizes leadership of the corps? The Guardians offer the title to Hal, but he declines, preferring to stay "one of the troops."

Arisia plays a large role in the story as the rookie lantern, and it was a bit creepy knowing that Hal will sleep with this gal he's calling "little sister" through the whole story. Her hero-worship of Hal makes it seem like he takes advantage of her later (in other books, not this one).

Joe Staton's pencils are great. The two armies are swarms of unique looking characters battling in space, what could be cooler? His design for Nekron is simple, yet haunting. The panels of Nekron's big red googly eyes peering into the the DCU were horrifying!


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