Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Green Lantern Corps #46

There is a whole lot of ring-slingin' in this newest issue of Green Lantern Corps. Guy Gardner has pretty much taken over as the general leading the combined army of Green, Blue, Indigo, Red, and Yellow Lanterns. With a cast this enormous, it is pretty tough for Peter Tomasi to spend more than a moment with most of the folks involved. He does get some great character moments with Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner as the two heroes face down Black Lantern versions of people closest to them. Ice comes back to torment Guy, and while she shatters when she crashes to the Earth during the issue, I believe she's going to be well by the time Justice League: Generation Lost starts up. Not so for Alex, Kyle's gal pal who was broken and packed in the refrigerator back when he first got his ring. I'm certain Tomasi was chuckling as he scripted Alex's return in that very fridge. (For those who don't know, the whole "Women in Refrigerators" movement about women used just as victims to give the male hero something to be upset about obviously kicked off with Alex's death). Kyle handles it about as well as you could hope, but still... yuck!

There are a few good moments for other folks. Kilowog gets to mock Arkillo, Bedovin pulls his sniper-gig (using Dove as a White Lantern bullet!), and GL Vath sacrifices his legs to save one of his teammates. All in all, another great action packed issue.

Patrick Gleason gets help from a ton of inkers here, but once again, it looks wonderful. The entire Major Force flashback scene was very upsetting, the way Gleason merged Force and Kyle into a composite killer was scary and shocking, really driving home Kyle's anguish. I'm amazed how much detail Gleason packed into the cast of thousands populating almost every page.



Mart said...

What with Alex and the fridge, I may just have to pick up this issue. I can always ignore the zillions of aliens with daft names!

Timbotron said...

It really is well done. It is sick, funny, and sad, all at the same time!