Friday, March 12, 2010

R.E.B.E.L.S. #14

Tony Bedard delivers a nice little payoff to the epic Starro storyline that has been running in this title since issue 1. I get the feeling the resolution was a bit rushed, though, since a lot of the items that Vril Dox spent time assembling into his Starro-killing gun don't actually work. Fortunately, the Omega Men were on the case too. They actually discover a neurotoxin that takes out the starro-fish instantly. Dox gets the win, but it is a close call. I really liked the near-miss nature of the ending, with only three beings left in the sector with free will.

Bedard has populated the cosmic DCU with a great slew of new characters. Despero is reinspired and I love the Psions taking an important role again. The Dominator admiral will be a problem and of course, Vril Dox now wants his reward for saving the universe. I'm curious how the book will continue now, since the narration in this issue is split by Dox and Adam Strange. That could make for an interesting contrast.

Claude St. Aubin's pencils are terrific. He and Andy Clarke established a wonderful look for this book. I can only hope it doesn't get cancelled.


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