Saturday, March 6, 2010

Amazing Spider-Man #163 (1976)

This might be the simplest review I ever write. Let me put it this way. Any comic that consists mostly of Spider-Man making fat jokes about the Kingpin is just about perfect in my book. I think the best part is that Len Wein has Kingpin open his heart to Spidey during the fight. Kingpin tells Spidey how he transformed himself from a fat child to the tower of accomplishment he is today, and Spidey responds by calling him "Tubby" "Pudgy," and "Chubbins." Oh man, that would never fly today.
(BTW, Kingpin actually holds up well against Spidey. At best their fight is a draw before Kingy cheats and knocks Spidey out with a gas-spraying tie clasp.) Spidey's defeat sets up a great 70's device. It's a machine that will sap Spidey's life-force and give it to Kingpin's comatose son. That's just awesome.

Mike Esposito's pencils are clean and slick, I love these 70's artists. Kingpin looks less realistic and more like a newstrip villain, I think we need the current Kingy in more pinstripes!


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