Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Uncanny X-Men: Sisterhood TPB

Man, do I love the X-Club. The core team is all kinds of awesome, but adding in the dismissive Angel and the just happy to be back Psylocke really makes this a fun little squad of mutants. Their escapade to the turn of the century does end up feeling a lot like something out of the Authority, but man is it a lot of fun.

I really like that Fraction put together this team of villainesses for the Sisterhood and made them so effective. I mean, they do surprise the team, but Madelyne Pryor's crew really does beat the X-Men. With the heroes turning into the X-army, it is refreshing to see them in danger. Speaking of the X-army, I'm very pleased at how Fraction finds the time to spotlight so many different characters. Pixie seems to be everyone's favorite, but there is a great scene with Dazzler and Psylocke that I loved. The two ladies were part of the same crew of X-Men and seeing them respond to that past is great.

How is Greg Land still drawing a top title like this? There are copied images all over the page, not to mention the too-sensual attitudes on all ladies. I mean, there's a near splash page with Lady Deathstrike sticking her tongue out as she impales Wolverine!


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JBaker said...

Sadly this was the last interesting story of Uncanny. I'm hoping Second Coming will turn the tide.