Thursday, March 11, 2010

JSA All-Stars #4

I'm happy that the Magog/Power Girl struggle is resolved so quickly, but I'm still not sold on this book. The opening scene with Sand convincing the team to head out to stop Johnny Sorrow makes sense, but I have a problem with the All-Stars not calling in the rest of the team just because they want to stand on their own. It's an arbitrary comic book reason, not one founded in reality. Matt Sturges does so well with realistic dialogue that I wish he had a better reason for the split up teams.

Assuming these are all the heroes the team can get, things move along nicely. I loved the big splashy arrival of the All Stars, it is quite telling that of the three big guns King Chimera manifests two are on the other team and one is not in the DCU these days. I was actually confused for a moment when I saw this team, so I got suckered just like the villains. I also dug the banter from Hourman, he wants to know what the interests of the villains are because he used to talk movies with one of the old villains. That's a great little touch that makes the characters seem more real.

Freddie Williams III added "the window" back to PG's suit, and I'm not sure I like that better. I had one other odd issue, I sometimes had some confusion about the odd squeals coming from the King of Tears demon, it was hard to tell where the voices were coming from.


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Mart said...

This was the best issue yet, the art was a bit calmer, but the reason for not calling for insistence was indeed rubbish.

I'm still loving the Liberty Belle/Hourman back-up strip, it's a fine romp.