Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Avengers: The Initiative #34

It's pretty fun the way Christos Gage has the issue split right down the middle. The first half has the Avengers resistance taking on the Camp Hammer Initiative. This sequence is notable for the return of Robbie Baldwin to the land of the living. I've had enough of this silly Penance idea, it is time for some Speedball action. I hope Gage brings him back for real next issue, and heck, why not make him an instructor in the new Avengers Academy title? The other thing I loved was Tigra's reaction when the Hood ditches the Camp Hammond battle for the greater conflict in Asgard. Tigra is so desperate for her revenge, and she's actually on the way to getting it, that you can just hear her anguish when she calls after him. And the great transition, I'm surprised we don't see it more. Justice calls out Avengers...

... and Cap finishes it in Asgard, "Assemble!" That nice little trick keeps us updated with Taskmaster, Diamondback, and the Constrictor as they try to figure out what to do in the huge fighting. I loved the way Gage handled the Cap/Taskmaster confrontation, clearly Cap did remember who Tasky was (as a reader of mine pointed out!) he was just insulting the guy. Taskmaster is going to be in some trouble after this, I don't think he'll enjoy his time in the "big leagues." I was a bit confused by the rapid switching of narrators in this section. I miss the clear way that thought bubbles showed me who was thinking what!

Jorge Molina's pencils are solid throughout, with a couple spots that really impressed me. His take on Night Thrasher's costume was nice and classic looking. Tigra's facial expressions were really clear and emotional, very well done. And I loved the heft that Constrictor's costume seemed to have, with neat details like folds in the leather giving it real weight.


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