Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nova #35

DnA can't resist bringing back old faves. This was an entertaining little arc, and to be honest, we really needed to see souped-up Nova face down the Sphinx. But c'mon, don't you think a big part of this was to bring back a certain love interest for the human rocket?

One of my favorite parts about this issue was how quickly the "evil" team just joined up with Nova and the "good" team to battle the mega-powered Sphinx. I love 70's bad Basilisk, so seeing him (even briefly) was awesome. I mean, the guy's real name is Basil Elks. What else was he gonna do? Moonstone and Bloodstone got to stick around a bit longer, and I really liked how realistic Bloodstone was about his chances to impact the battle with his "modified shotgun shells." Heh. Nova got a nice moment to shine too, not only did he stand up to a god, but he took the Sphinx down hard, too. He's got to be pretty pleased with himself at this point. Plus, he rescued one of his best pals too. Is it too much to hope for that Nova and this lady will meet up with the Agents of Atlas soon?

Mahmud Asrar's art is just plain fun. Moonstone and Namorita looked cute and heroic, Man-Wolf looked awesome (but how can he not?) and of course, Nova now looks like a prototype hero. I really dug the perspective shots when tiny Nova was taking on gigantic Sphinx. I'm partial to giant-fights, so this was kind of a shoe-in for me.


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