Thursday, March 25, 2010

Green Lantern #52

Good lord. How long as this one night lasted in the DCU??? I mean, I appreciate the chance to hear Sinestro wax poetic about the origins of life in the DCU, but man. We've been reading about Black Lanterns for so dang long now, I'm done with them. I don't want to see one for a long time. Heck, this issue had the GLs and allies fighting Xanshi and its population of faceless Black Lanterns. This must be the point where Johns can't bother to give every BL a personality anymore. This is actually a good thing, since it allows Nekron and Black Hand the chance to step up as the big bads. I also appreciated that John Stewart actually got to lead a team of Lanterns to take out Xanshi. I still don't like the whole Marine background, but I do like him getting the chance to clean up his own mistakes.

Sinestro's origins of the DCU interlude did have a few neat reveals. I don't think we'd seen all the entities of the different corps yet, and most of them make sense. A bull for the reds and a snake for the oranges are perfect. I don't really see how the Predator works for the Star Sapphires and the octopus avatar for compassion just made me laugh. I am curious to see where Sinestro goes after Blackest Night. It is going to be hard to just step back into his Yellow Lantern role after this headlining event as a White Lantern.

Doug Mahnke's art is fantastic. The avatars all looked like weird versions of Earth animals, which makes sense and gives them a good sense of fun (except for Parallax and Predator, I guess). I'm surprised how good Sinestro looks in white too, I wouldn't have guessed it would work with his coloring.


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