Monday, March 29, 2010

Power Girl #10

I knew something was off, but I actually didn't see that coming. Nicely played, Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray! This issue is paced pretty oddly at first glance. The Satana cliffhanger from last issue is resolved fairly quickly, and then there is a lot of walking around as PG and Terra wander around the life that PG has built for herself. Terra is acting oddly, but not too oddly, you know? It was all sort of weird until it became clear that Terra is really in trouble. Best of all, this villain's appearance goes a long way towards establishing him as a Power Girl super-villain. She needs her own rogues' gallery and this character can probably be slotted in as her arch-foe at this point.

The middle pieces were all just a bit too cute for me. The visiting the comic store. The description of comics. The two hot heroes walking through the streets. It was a little too much of a wink to the readers. But it is all worth it because of how well it ended up leading up to the big closing reveal.

Amanda Conner makes this book. Look at the facial expressions on that last page! PG looks so mad and the villain is just so smug about his plan. Awesome stuff. I do think it is interesting how much we've seen PG change throughout this series... must be a favor for all us comic-nerds.


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