Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Transformers: All Hail Megatron v4 TPB

I may have been a sucker on this one. I think it was actually cheaper to buy the floppies than the trade this time out, whoops!

There is a lot of character movement here as the expansive cast of bots recovers from their battles and get ready for the next phase of the Transformers' story. There are also a fair amount of bridge stories to explain the status quo we found the characters in at the beginning of All Hail. Here's a brief rundown of the epilogues:

Iron Hide is still the guy Prime looks to to help him make decisions. I'd say IH is still Prime's best friend.

Starscream is still trying to solidify his leadership of the Decepticons, but he can't as long as Soundwave and the tapes are protecting Megatron's comatose form. Neat idea.

Sunstreaker might still be alive...

Galvatron, Scourge, and Cyclonus are all being morphed closer to their movie-counterparts. Not sure I care for this, since I didn't like most of the movie's changes.

Prowl is making some questionable decisions in his attempt to have logic lead the way for the Autobots. He's still one of my faves, but I'm worried.

Perceptor is tough and angry now.

The Witwicky's are heading up an international alien task force that I expect will come into conflict with the 'bots in the ongoing series.

Bumblebee is almost cool now. Not quite, but close.

I kind of wish this had come out closer to the release of the first ongoing series trade. There is very little plot movement, this is a whole trade filled with epilogues and mini-spotlights. I still liked it, but without the central story, it suffers a bit.


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