Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thor #607

Hmm. Now I'm disappointed that Kieron Gillen had to pick up the book right before Siege. I loved the last few issues when it seemed Gillen was doing more of his own story (even if he was finishing up JMS' arc), but this Siege tie in feels like it adds very little to what we've seen before. In fact, some of the only new bits we get are things like Volstagg posting a message on YouTube. It's amusing, but it kind of gives away the ending of Siege: Embedded. The interesting thing about the YouTube video was that so many people seemed to be swayed by it, are these the same stupid Americans who so blindly went against Cap back in Civil War? It is just interesting to see the tide switch so dramatically.

I am really excited to see Ragnarok show up again, although dang, I like that costume better. Maybe Thor could get back in his classic duds after they throw down for a few issues? I do think it is a good idea to have the clone of Thor show up, even with Sentry on the side of the Green Goblin, he still seemed hopelessly overmatched by all the heroes and Asgardians.

Billy Tan keeps things looking like they jumped out of the pages of Siege. It's nice to see the continuity, but I would like a bit more original content.


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