Sunday, March 21, 2010

Justice League: Rise & Fall Special #1

This really wasn't too bad. I've been pretty open about my mocking of the whole Cry for Justice debacle, but the arc spinning out of it has some potential. Green Arrow has been a hunter of men before, so I'm ok with this regression, especially if it is temporary.

It does weird me out a tad to see the Shade playing such a prominent role, but I guess this was James Robinson's baby, so it makes sense that one of his favorites would be the guy giving the Justice League the big reveal. J.T. Krul wrote this episode though, and I like how he avoided needless killing. Electrocutioner and Razer aren't the coolest villains in the DCU, but there's no need to go crazy and continue the killing. I also like that Green Arrow escaped by using Prometheus' interdimensional key. That crooked tower HQ could make a pretty good base of operations for a rogue hero.

I will also note that I really liked how Krul wrote Wally West and Dick Grayson. I don't want the DCU to forget about Wally.

The art is inconsistent, but that's not surprising considering there are three pencillers listed. Mike Mayhew draws pretty ladies, but the characters poses look a tad stiff. I do like his facial expressions though. Diogenes Neves' art was nice, but Fabrizio Fiorentino looked rushed. His stuff isn't usually this scratchy.


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