Friday, March 19, 2010

Punisher: Welcome to the Bayou TPB

This is definitely my favorite of Victor Gischler's Marvel work. He's been bouncing around on Moon Knight and Punisher projects, but I think this is the best use of his skills. As I wrote when I read the first part of this story, the Punisher works best as a force of nature, I want to see him punish those that deserve it. There is PLENTY of that here.

The setup is like a teen slasher film as a group of college students are abducted by a huge family of inbred cannibals. Fortunately, the Punisher had an inkling something was wrong and he seeks out the unfortunate students. And of course, a lot of blood follows. There is gator wrestling, hot girls, gigantic mutants, and a pater familius worthy of any slasher movie. Gischler spices things up with a tag-along minor league criminal. I really liked seeing this poor guy swept along in the Punisher's wake.

Goran Parlov is one of my favorite Punisher artists. He can keep elements of the story totally straight while letting humor shine through where appropriate. He's perfect for this type of book.


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