Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Blackest Night: JSA #3

Hey kids, comics! Nothing like seeing a zombie Superman who is missing the top of his skull strangling two heroes! Factor in some classy blood splatters on Power Girl's ample chest and there is everything a young reader could want in this one!
I must confess, James Robinson does a nice job wrapping up the big mess he started in the Blackest Night: Superman limited series. Introducing a huge powerhouse like Black Lantern Kal-L is a big deal, so having a huge force like the combined JSA teams take him on makes sense. It explains why we haven't seen more from either faction in the other tie ins. Everyone has been busy!
The best part about this wrap-up is how Robinson gets to shine a spotlight on some of the best characteristics of the JSA. Power Girl is stubborn and doesn't quit, no matter what. She's a tough one. Mr. Terrific is a genius who actually found a way to neutralize all the black lanterns in New York. I think that puts him second only to Mogo in zombie-killing. I did like seeing that Jesse Quick wasn't fooled by her zombie Dad too. It would have been easy to have her believe the gross corpse, since that's the cliche, but she knew what she was dealing with. The JSA is a formidable team and it was cool seeing them take care of business like they did here.
Eddy Barrow's art tends towards cheesecake and gore, but let's face it, that's what this book needs. Power Girl's defiance shines thoughout and I loved the look on Alan Scott's face when Mr. Terrific releases him to go help the rest of the team.

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Anonymous said...

Be warned, you may want to page through Cry for Justice #7 at your local shop if you haven't given up on it already.

You are going to flip out.

This might be a case where you want to save yourself the grief and just get the details online and not put down the cheese for something you don't like.

Just giving you a head's up.