Friday, March 26, 2010

Captain America #604

Aw man, I don't think this comic is going to offend anyone.

Dang, I love this book. I was a little disappointed with how easily the Watchdogs took out both Winter Cap and Falcon last issue, but Ed Brubaker makes up for it this month when he has Falcon escape and positively whip up on the 'Dogs. Once he's loose, he doesn't even need his flying rig to tear the Watchdogs apart. Meanwhile, Winter Cap is forced back into his old Bucky duds and is about to help the homegrown terrorists destroy a national monument (I think it is a monument, isn't it?) What I love about this story is that it feels like "classic" Cap, even though Steve Rogers isn't even in the story. Captain America and the Falcon are fighting the Watchdogs, who are in turn getting help from a super-powered leader. No Dark Reign, no missing Steve Rogers lost in time, no greater relevance, just an entertaining Captain America story where he and his partner get to break some heads. Just what I'm looking for in my Cap comics.

Butch Guice's inks layer really heavily on Luke Ross' pencils this issue, and the art doesn't really look like it belongs to either of them. Heck, the last page with "Bad Cap" laughing actually looks like Kieron Dwyer drew it. Very odd...


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