Monday, March 1, 2010

New Avengers #62

I do like that Bendis is giving us so much action in the middle of a pretty touching story about the return of Steve Rogers.

Bendis' use of a couple of HAMMER grunts to catch the reader up on the action is well played, especially when one of those agents meets a grizzly fate due to the carelessness of the Living Laser. And props to Bendis for using the Griffon, Mandrill, and the Living Laser, and he's using them all right. They sound like themselves, not like the swift-talking smarties that Bendis often turns his characters into. Heck, I loved how Mandrill didn't want to dirty his own paws on Spidey, he was perfectly willing to let a dominated Spider-Woman do all the dirty work. Daniel Acuna's art on these sequences was great. I love that his Spider-Woman isn't all sexxed up, she looks like an athletic hero. This guy needs a full-time Avengers title.

As for the Steve Rogers stuff, man, I have to talk about art again. Stuart Immonen NAILS the pages where Steve reunites with his old friends. When Luke Cage wrapped Steve up in that big hug, that was a great moment. I do appreciate being moved by a comic, and that scene and the big return to New Avengers HQ, Bendis did a great job. And the way Fury knows to give the team their moment with Steve... well played.


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