Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Justice Society of America #36

I've always been a sucker for rough alternate future stories, so I knew from page one I'd be digging Bill Willingham's newest arc on JSA. Kid Karnevil, the vicious little snot who betrayed the team a few issues ago, is just too smug as he taunts and teases the team. (Incidentally, I loved the cameo by Willingham's General character.) The reason he's so sure of himself is that the Fourth Reich is attacking. I don't recognize most of the members on the villain team, but they sure do seem powerful. They do a pretty good job putting a hurting on the JSA too, more than I would have expected. The JSA has gone from being a team with too many members that no one could effectively threaten to two smaller, vulnerable teams. It certainly makes the stories more exciting.

Mr. Terrific is clearly one of Willingham's favorites, and I'm glad. The guy is awesome again this issue, using a new neuro-stunner in his T-spheres to totally take out Captain Nazi. That's a top tier heavy hitter that Mr. T just wipes out. I love how he and Wildcat are up and on the prowl at the close of the issue too. In fact, I'm so confident that Mr. Terrific has a trick up his sleeve that I'd bet the alternate future he's in is really a trick or something. I can't wait to see how the JSA comes out on top.

Jesus Merino has such a nice, clean style. The designs on the Fourth Reich characters are both classic and appropriate. The baddies fit perfectly into the story, so that even new villains feel like old faces that I should hate already. That's a real talent!


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