Friday, March 12, 2010

Sparta, USA #1

David Lapham is crazy. His ideas are absolutely insane, but at the same time I'm fascinated. This new series is about a strange town called Sparta, where they love America, football, and the community. They also love assasinating each other to get ahead and they have to apply to be awarded children. In fact, this issue has a scene at a rally where the townfolk are all waiting to have their names read to see if they will get one of the children joining the town. The town leader is the Maestro, a 7-foot tall blue guy who seems to rule with a veiled iron fist. He acts nice and friendly, but you can see from his interactions that he's a bad dude. I can't make any guesses on what is happening in this weird town, with its yeti-filled mountains and underground tunnels, but it sure is weird (and interesting).

The lead character is Godfrey McLaine, once the greatest quarterback on the Spartan football team. He disappeared years ago and now he's returned, only he's red-skinned and armed to the teeth. Again, I've got no clue what is going on. Is this some post-apocalyptic thing? A dream? How the hell does Lapham think of this stuff?

Johnny Timmons' art sells the story. The world looks fully realized and I really like the different character designs. He did a great job establishing the family of assassins as very diverse (they are all different and don't act right), so he puts questions in the reader's heads right away. Fascinating stuff. I'm in for the trade.


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