Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wonder Woman: Ends of the Earth TPB

I love the IDEA of Wonder Woman teaming up with Beowulf and Claw the Unconquered, but I never got as into this story as I'd have liked. Either DC released these trades out of order or I just messed up, but I'm pretty certain that this takes place before some of the other trades I've read recently. Diana's white gorillas are still hanging around and she's still sporting that hankie from the wind god. I liked seeing more of the "courtship" of Nemesis, but that's not a surprise. I loved that bit with WW and Nemesis riding the shell above the ocean. The addition of the megaladons is a slam dunk for me, so any time they get used makes me smile.

The core story was neat, especially how quickly the timelost warriors would come to respect WW, but I still found the entire idea a bit too removed from the DCU for my tastes. I know WW is a fantasy character too, she is a Greek hero after all, I just seem to prefer her more mortal conflicts. This trade does include two stories like that, and I really liked the trade's closer. Gail Simone's take on a potential Wonder Woman movie are a little too close for comfort. You know Hollywood would make the kinds of horrible decisions we see here. That scene with WW falling for Hercules...uch.

Aaron Lopresti draws most of the trade, and while he doesn't draw the ladies quite the same as the Dodson's, he does a good job. His Beowulf looks very heroic. My favorite is how he clearly dug drawing those white apes though. Heh. Bernard Chang handles the WW movie section nicely too, his take on the judo-era Wonder Woman actually made me want to see more of that suit!


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