Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Justice League: Generation Lost #6

Ah, an issue featuring Captain Atom! It's been a long time since he got featured in anything, other than his Wildstorm limited series. This issue we get to see what happens when Cap absorbs all this explosive energy that's been blasting around for the past 6 issues.

Every time Cap absorbs a big blast, he gets rocketed into the future (and sometimes the past). We see him blasted to a mysterious time and start interacting with some simple farmers. There is a great reveal to show that he's in the future, after a mysterious super-war that damaged the world. Eventually, Cap gets to chat with a survivor that he knows quite well from his JLI days, and he is re-dedicated to stopping Max Lord.

This is a bit of a character break from the main story, but there is certainly time to feature characters who've been out of the limelight like Cap. I'm extra-pleased that no one mentioned Monarch/Countdown.

Fernando Dagnino has that DC house style down. He does a solid job on the material, especially considering how little of it is super-hero related besides Captain Atom himself.


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